Meet Us


Fred Abraham (Co-Founder, Administrator-GMS Scholarship Fund)
Michael Lawler (Personnel Manager)
Edward Delhagen
Vinnie Giovanniello

Fred, Mike, Ed, and friends






Jeff Johnson
Pierre Swick (vocals, Business Manager & Treasurer)
Tom McNeil (base, Sound Engineer)

Pierre, Jeff, Tom, and friends


Saxes & Other Woodwinds
Pam Cameron (alto)
Liz Fitzgerald (alto & soprano, vocals, Music & Program Director)
John Klimenok (tenor, clarinet, vocals)
Steve Bredice (baritone)
Nina Towne (flute)

Pam, Liz, John, and friends



Nina and John

Steve Peery (bass)
Tony Hall (drums)
Rollin Tait (guitar)

Tony, Rollin, Steve, and friends


Mike Lawler, Trumpet
Personnel Manager